KN Manufacturing Solutions

Movacolor distributor in USA

About us

Serving the wire and cable industry

KN Manufacturing Solutions is an authorized distributor of Movacolor blending and dosing systems to Wire and Cable manufacturing customers in USA. We also provide services for cable machinery and process upgrades through our in-depth experience and expertise, knowledge and representation of top cable machinery manufacturers

Our products

Volumetric, gravimetric and optometric feeders

MDS Balance

The MDS Balance* is the highest standard in gravimetric dosing. It proves its value on a daily basis in all branches, under all circumstances in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.

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MCS Continuous Feeder

Movacolor has developed a unique modular system that allows you to put together a full gravimetric continuous blending system.

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MDS Nexus

The revolutionary patented MCNexus is the new standard for dosing extreme small amounts of masterbatch. It is an ultra-compact dosing unit, able to dose pellet by pellet masterbatches or additives in various shapes and sizes.

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