MDS Balance

The MDS Balance* is the highest standard in gravimetric dosing. It proves its value on a daily basis in all branches, under all circumstances in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. Read more

MDS Balance

The MDS Balance* is the highest standard in gravimetric dosing. It proves its value on a daily basis in all branches, under all circumstances in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. The dosing cylinder and patented weighing technologyensure extremely accurate dosing, even when low dosage rates are required. In this way, high savings on expensive additives can be achieved. The continuous loss-in-weight measuring feature and automatic motor speed adjustment are key to a stableproduction process. This guarantees high quality end products and fewer rejects.

Maximum control, efficiency and savings for plastics producers

Gravimetric inline dosing system MDS Balance offers plastic producing companies maximum control, maximum efficiency and maximum savings. Through continuous loss-in-weight measuring, one is ensured of the best results for the best price. The MDS Balance dosing system continuously calibrates the dosages and adjusts automatically. The MC Smart system enables the producer to monitor all MDS Balance dosing systems from one computer. Plastic processors worldwide choose this gravimetric dosingunit for stability in coloring with masterbatch, powder or regrind. This gravimetric unit can easily be adjusted to a multi-component system, so that you can dose up to six additives at the same time!

MCBalance for medical and clean room applications

Movacolor’s MDS Balance is also available in a version specially designed for medical and clean room applications. This special gravimetric feeder is almost completely manufactured out of stainless steeland absolutely oil free. Seals are food grade and specified for use in most medical and clean room applications. Our controller is also made of stainless steel and has no external ventilation. The accuracy of the MCBalance and our monitoringsoftware will help you to control your quality with 100% traceability, even with ultra-low shot weights.

“The MDS Balance is the best investment when it comes to dosing. The payback period was six months and that is quite extraordinary.

*also for clean room and high temperature applications

Intuitive design

Out-of-the-box installation: Start working more efficiently quickly. This unit is easy to install and supplied pre-configured. Can be operated without extensive training together with the MCTouchscreen controller.

High efficiency

Reduce waste and save costs by producing more consistently.

Wide capacity range

Capable of dosing at extreme low- and high dosing rates.

High accuracy

Equiped with proven Movacolor dosing technology which gives you full control over your material input.

Modular system

This unit is part of the Movacolor modular dosing concept and can easily be integrated and/or combined with all other products of the Movacolor product range.

Industry 4.0 ready

Want to connect with other machine controllers or central monitoring systems? No problem. This unit is prepared to communicate via different protocols such as OPC-UA and Profinet.


0.07-180 kg/h*


Injection molding and extrusion


Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus**, Profinet**


Internal memory (static changes), MCSmart data logging software (dynamic changes), 1,000 recipes storage function


95-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz. By integrated automatic voltage selector


150 Watt maximum


English, German, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Korean, Hungarian, Swedish, Romanian***


8” full color touch screen display


Start input: potential free, 24 VDC or extruder tacho (0-30 VDC)


Alarm, warning, run, valve (for hopper loader control), 2x0-10 VDC** or 4-20 mA**

* measured with a bulk density of 0.8 kg/dm3 ** optional *** additional languages on request


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MDS Balance