Do your plastic products already live up to the standards of today?


The drive to use more regrind in high end plastic products is increasing rapidly. Some brand owners are setting their goals at 50% or higher. International laws are following and pushing the rest forward. An excellent development, but it creates a lot of problems for many plastic processors. Their injection molding machines or extruders are not designed to cope with large amounts of non- repelletized flakes.

Common problems

Repelletizing regrinds, like R-PET, can solve this problem partly but the re-pelletization process requires a lot of energy, destroys part of the sustainable goals and increases the cost. Replacement of screws or complete extruders is very seldom economically feasible. A better solution is to use specialized upstream equipment to allow large amount of non-repelletized regrind to be used in standard extruders.


Especially for this reason Movacolor has developed the MCHigh Output 2500R. This system allows low bulk density regrind, such as bottle flakes, to be dosed at rates of around 700 kg/hr. The unique combination of the static and dynamic mixer can mix up to 70% of flakes into the main material. This allows the producers to achieve the required use of regrind easily, without the need to use re-pelletized material.

The benefits of the MCHigh Output 2500R

The system is fully gravimetric controlled and because of the compact, integrated hopper loader, the height of the total system is limited to fit in almost every standard factory. It can be used for dried materials up to 180 degrees Celsius. Like every Movacolor system, this system is modular build and can be extended with 1 or 2 gravimetric dosing stations, allowing to dose color and additives in line.

The color and/or additives can automatically be compensated for the amount of regrind if required. There is also the possibility to install magnets in this system. The complete system is controlled by the standard Movacolor Touch Screen Controller and is able to communicate with almost every system. The OPC-UA communication protocol makes it fully Industry 4.0 ready.

The MCHigh Output 2500R of Movacolor allows plastic processors to use high percentage low bulk density regrind, without compromising the consistency of the end product.