Do you know the definition of a specialist?

It’s an old joke, but still. Do you know what a specialist is? It’s someone who knows a lot about a little. Being defined like this might not sound particularly complimentary, but we think it fits us to a T. That’s because those of us at Movacolor don’t know just a little about a lot. On the other hand, we know virtually everything about one thing.


Dosing technology: that’s what we’re talking about. And let’s be honest: it’s about the only subject we can talk about. Because in our business, we’re the ultimate specialist – by far. Call it an occupational disability if you will, but we could go on and on about dosing systems for the plastics industry. All in all, this might make us rather blah at conversation. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, plastic manufacturers quite enjoy our company. This is because our customers are very good at math. And their calculations invariably guide them to us in Sneek.


We have developed a wide variety of many innovative gravimetric, volumetric and optometric dosing products. But all of them have one thing in common. At the end of the day, all of them generate the kind of figures that make our customers smile. Movacolor dosing systems are synonymous with an unprecedentedly consistent and accurately dosed blend of materials, regardless of their quantity, size, shape and bulk density. Ka-ching! That means money in the till. Because the better the blend, the higher the quality of the plastic end product. And the higher the quality, the less waste and the more marketable products you get.

The ultimate in engineering accuracy

As specialists, we sometimes exaggerate. But that’s what happens when you put together a team of 40 first-rate technicians in the fields of mechanics, electronics and automation in a brand-new 2000 m2 facility full of cutting-edge R&D and production toys. We then come up with innovations like the MDS Nexus, the new standard for dosing extremely small quantities of masterbatch. Just take a look at this video:

It’s almost touching to watch this ultra-compact machine measure out the material pellet by pellet. OK, we can understand you might not be as passionate about such a perfect example of engineering accuracy as we are. But would terms like ‘quality grade’ and ‘ROI’ get you more interested? If so, we would be pleased to meet you sometime for what might be a rather boring yet highly profitable talk.